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Hello! I’m Jairo, owner of Ratpack Termite & Pest Control, the company with the only checklist of 57 termite and pest control inspection points.

We are also on of the few Northern Virginia Termite & Pest Control Companies that offers a powerful, no risk 100% money back guarantee.

Even better, we are a locally and family owned/operated business.  This means that we take a personal approach to pest control services.  We treat every customer like family and their home as if we live there too!

If you’ve made it to Ratpack’s site, you’re looking for information about pest and termite control services, right?

If that’s the case, you have come to the right place!

Welcome to pest control “The Ratpack Way”

You’ll see that we’ve spent years preparing the information you need most to make an educated buying decision when it comes to your termite and pest control needs.

In our Learning Center you’ll find special reports packed with valuable information that will not only help keep you from making costly mistakes, but also help you save a ton of money and a lot of hassles.

Check out our full line of Services, including termite treatments for both drywood termites & subterranean termites. We offer Organic and natural solutions to tent fumigation.

We also offer a vast array of pest control services, including solutions for roaches, ants (all kinds), rats, mice, fleas, ticks and so on.

You can also read all about our interesting, real-life stories about pest and termite control issues that we experience while working with our customers in the Blog section. The stories are a lot of fun and very entertaining. We’re sure you’ll get a kick out of reading what really happens out in the field.

Oh, and don’t forget to stop by our Customer Reviews section so you can see for yourself what others are saying about our employees and our services.

We’re open from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, however, we do make Saturday appointments.  Just be sure to let the ladies in the office know what’s convenient for you.

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We look forward to helping you solve your termite & pest control issues.

Jairo – creator of “The Ratpack Way”

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All Work Guaranteed

Let’s face it: both of us know, one pest treatment won’t give you a gnat’s head of what you really want, which is a bug-free home…period! I have to convince you, then, I’m the most reliable termite and pest control company in Virginia. We’re a company that takes all the risk out of you doing business with us, as you’re about to discover.In return, I get a valued customer not just for a couple of months, but maybe for a whole lifetime! You’ll feel good about referring us to others. What’s more, you’ll have a company who will get to know your home like no other termite and pest control company around. I’ll discover exactly what bugs are coming and going, and what to do about them – and when. Still, you may be thinking, “Christian, how do I know you’ll do all this for sure?” Words are cheap, I know. Well, you can start by reading this:

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